"Nerds rule the world. One bullet at a time."

This is our story

This page was created specifically to host our Geek Culture content. This is a pre-existing subdivision for The Infinite Ammo Syndicate. Our goal is to cover a barrage of topics involving variety gaming, anime. movies and comic book media. This includes community fun on Discord, podcast discussions and playing competitive games for ultimate satisfaction. | Topics To Expect

Discord Server

The Discord server is a big part of this social interaction in regards to the aforementioned topics. The variety server is now public, but unexpect unfiltered topics. That means thick skin is necessary to join this one. --> Geek Culture Discord

The Content

We'd like to take one more opportunity to entice you to subscribe to our YouTube or Follow the podcast. A visual/audio aide is always really important for showing off what we do as content creators. Please click the following links: Variety Gaming Podcasts || Spotify Podcasts

We hope we can hold this content in high order for reactions, news and giving free entertainment back to the masses. In closing if you have any questions for topics/joining then contact Ren Operative on Discord or Twitter. (Discord: Renegade Operative#5306 | Twitter: @RenOperative_)

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